Kimmaytube Leave-In Conditioner Recipe: A Curly Girls’ Dream

fATL‘s,I am on the transitioning journey…again.

I tried to give up the creamy crack about a year back and failed in an epic fashion. I transitioned for a few months and did the big chop. Unfortunately, my mini fro and I didn’t work out. After about a month of battling my curly hair, I waved the white towel and gave up. The reason? I didn’t know what to do with it. My main issue was keeping that ish moisturized. I’ve had relaxers for as long as I remember, so dealing with my natural hair was a pain in the donk. We didn’t know each other too well and I didn’t have the time or patience to deal with the hell it was putting me through. I relapsed and put the perm back in.

Since then I’ve done my research on natural hair. I read up on common issues and solutions curly girls encounter. The #1 return to perms seems to be managing moisture. A close second is transitional styles. Apparently, there is a goddess in the natural hair world who has the key to our salvation. Kim Love, bka Kimmaytube, is a natural hair guru who has concoted her own moisturizing leave-in conditioner that some women live by. Recently I purchased all the organic ingredients and gave it a try. The homemade conditioner consits of:

2 tablespoons of YOUR preferred conditioner (silicone free)
2 tablespoons of (Whole leaf version) Aloe Vera Juice with a pH 4.0 or 4.5
2 teaspoons of Castor Oil (optional. I sometimes do without it)
2 teaspoons of Jojoba Oil

I’m telling you gals. This recipe is the bomb[dot]com. It has me over here looking like the Black Rapunzel or some ish. My hair has never retained moisture this long or been this soft. In my recipe I used Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In and Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice. Note: when using organic aloe make sure to keep in refrigerated once you open it. It doesn’t contain preservatives so the shelf life goes to crap really quickly if opened and left out to the elements. Be sure to put the recipe leave-in on freshly washed, damp hair. I personally apply the mix and then immediately do a flat twist out. Whether still flat twisted or taken out my hair is cay-ute!

Test the recipe and send pictures over. We wanna see those curls guuuuuurl!

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33 Comments on “Kimmaytube Leave-In Conditioner Recipe: A Curly Girls’ Dream
  1. I loved this! I haven’t tried it yet due to luck of products, but finally, you heard me. Finally I got hold of Shea Butter transported all the way from Ghana to Sweden by a good friend. I can wait to try it to sing the same melody as you did!

    Thumbs up for this article!

  2. My hair is naturally curly and a little dry, so a leave-in spray is practically a necessity. Shielo Antioxidant Leave in Spray was the first leave-in spray I ever had good results with. I’ve tried many other brands from stores and salons, but none so far have given as much non-greasy shine, plus moderate frizz control, as the Shielo Leave-In Spray. It’s very light, so you can use a little or a lot depending on your hair, and it doesn’t leave a “waxy” feeling like some other leave-in’s can. I know some people with kind of oily hair who don’t like this product, but it’s fantastic for my hair type!

  3. Hi there Kim, Thank you for everything. I have been watching your videos quite often and learning a lot. I must say you are a God sent. Hair to me means so much, I am a health finatic since i was a teenager now 40, but look 25, so I’m told, lol… The only thing I need is the shea butter you mentioned. I have regular raw shea, does it matter? I have fairly long hair but keeps breaking and getting short at times. The only issue is to keep it moisturized to retain the length, please help if you can and thanks in advance. Regards Janet

  4. I have been natural for 4 months and just recently decided to try this after getting fed up of using gels to style my wash and go’s. Everybody swears by eco styler and kccc but they leave your hair tacky and take forever to dry. Not to mention the crunchiness and the fact that I just don’t feel right leaving gel in my hair for more than 3-4days. So this provided the perfect alternative, it defines my curls like the gel and provides slip and is healthy for my hair. OMG <3 <3 <3. Not to mention I don't have to co-wash every 3-4 days just to get the gel out. I can just spritz with water and do a braid out, twist out, finger coils WHATEVER i want with the product in my hair and adding even more product if I feel like it. With this I don't have to be paranoid about what crap I'm putting (and leaving) in my hair.

    To respond to Cecilia I make this as I need it and keep the aloe vera in the fridge. My oils (sweet almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, olive oil) are already premixed and I use them daily in my water spritz solution and to massage my scalp. Now I just put a glob of shea butter to equal amounts aloe vera and add a few drops of my pre-mixed oil and put it in. Couldn't be easier!

  5. baby girl you are a blessing thanks for putting it out there; your recipe is amazing and all natural thanks again!

  6. Hi Kim, I tried your conditioning mixture and the results were PHENOMENAL!!! After 4 months of my Natural Transition, going back to the perm was never an option. I know you and so many other women can understand how costly the search for the one product that gives you everything can be. My bathroom cabinet started to resemble the Hair Care section at Ricky’s!!! I AM VERY PLEASED with your mixture & I will pass it on to anyone I meet that’s transitioning. I will checked in again in 5 months & report my progress. Take Care, Pauline

  7. TY so much Kim…for providing us with so many helpful tips!
    Stopped perming my hair six months ago. Went for the BC two weeks ago. Can’t find styles…my hair is TS. Can’t wait to gbt SL….Kim<3 what are ur thghts on gel~n go?

  8. Hello, to all you beautiful queens. At 50, I decided to give up the creamy crack. I’ve been transitioning for the past 6 months, and really didn’t want to do the big chop. My TWO bathrooms looks like Sally’s! As I have been on the search for the right product. I stumbled across Kimmay’s youtube and thought…if my hair can look 1/2 as healthy as this sista’s…I’ll be alright! Ive been doing the bantu knots every other day because I have 3 different textures of transition hair ( curly wavy and permed. Any suggestions on how to style? I would appreciate your comments. Thanks for all your post. Blessings and Love

  9. Am i the only one this magical mixture doesnt work on? i used it for 6 months like it was a magic potion and nothing. i have been natural for the last 12 years and i have the same shoulder length hair as always. i just wanna cry!! i feel like everybodys hair is growing but mine. what gives?? i guess my hair is from venus and i am from mars. if i didnt have a whole bunch of shampoos,esential oils, oils, conditioners and a gallon of whole leaf aloe vera juice, i would probably fake dementia and shave it all off! what can i do? i am desperate??

  10. Hi fATLs!

    Sorry I’ve been MIA on this post, but I’m back!

    First of all, thank you guys for submitting feedback! We love to hear what you guys have to day. Since there are a good about of questions on this post, I’ll do a roundup answer session to answer everything at once.

    Here goes…

    Cecilia: yes, the mixture does need to be refrigerated because of its natural ingredients. I actually use a tupperware container for my mixture because it has a lid.

    Pauline, Kat & Sharima: I’m not sure how this mixture will work on relaxed hair. Those of us with natural hair face the dreaded desert hair more than relaxed ladies do. This mixture is meant to keep hair moisturized, so if you have a perm the moisture this mixture provides may be too much since dryness isn’t a problem.

    Denese: I live by twist outs! I’ll wash, deep condition, and apply this mixture to my hair while wet and twist. Remember, towel drying is a no no because it disturbs the hair and causes frizz. I refrain from using combs and brushes during my twisting process too. All I use is my fingers. After they’re COMPLETELY dry I’ll remove them from the base of the twist with oil on my fingers to seal. After a few days of wearing my twist out, I’ll wear it in a poof using a scarf or headband. This way, my one twist out lasts about a week.

    Traumatized: Woooo sahhhhhh! Its okay. The misture isn’t meant to promote growth, only to help the hair retain moisture. What styles are you wearing your hair in? How often are you getting trims? Is your hair retaining moisture okay? Natural gals should be washing their hair weekly w/ sulfate free products and getting trims every 2 months.

    DISCLAIMER: I am not Kimmay, the curly haired beauty who came up with this recipe. I am only a curl lover who tried this recipe. I now have my own hair routine that I will post about in the next couple weeks.

  11. This leave-in was introduced to me in the beginning of my natural hair journey and it kept me from backsliding. The best thing I’ve ever tried…=)

  12. recently cut my hair.had problems/w/ hair would grow,then start breaking off.i had dreeds a while ago,couldn’t get past the ugly stage.went back 2 a im ready 2 just go you have any suggestions.i have the recipe 4 the kimmay tube.thank-u.

  13. Thanks for getting back to my petty request. To answer your questions: I live in Mexico, it is kinda like Death Valley; it is very dry and dusty so I always wear 8 twists covered under a silk scarf when I go outside. I trim my hair +/- once every 8 months. I moisture and seal every night and sleep with a satin scarf. I pre poo, wash (w/ nexxus extreme moisture shampoo), moisture condition, deep condition, detangle, and Kim may leave in once a week. And moisture and seal every night. Can I use the Kim may to moisture and seal every night? Right now I am using the same Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream you made your mix w/. Please and thank you very much for your time and expertise!

  14. You also asked if my hair is retaining moisture ok. Hmmm I think so; it is definitely a lot softer. Everyone says you have to listen to your hair . . . well mine speaks Japanese.

  15. I just made this tonight before seeing my answer and am pleased at how the mixture turned out. I was hoping for a creamy texture and not thin spray and it did come out creamy as traumatized said! Using a food processor and also I made a bigger batch because there are 4 natural heads in my house. I hope 1 cup of the first two ingredients and 1/3 cup of the remaining ingredients is the right amount?

  16. you did it right! 1 cup of conditioner and aloe vera juice and 1/3 of each oil. i hope your hair grows long and lucious!! i dont use a food processor i just use an old shampoo bottle, and a plastic funnel, the ingredients and shake shake shake.

  17. Greetings to all!
    I made the leave in conditioner this morning, applied it to my hair and I was amazed at how my natural curl pattern came in. I have super curly tightly coiled hair, but with this leave in conditioner my hair is super soft, with feather-light bouncy curls. I’m so happy :-) I found this recipe.
    Thank you Kim may tube for sharing this recipe.

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  19. I couldn’t for the life of me remember the recipe for this. I’ve been natural for 2 years and this right here was my HG for the first 6 months. My tween is natural and feels like all she needs to do is wet her hair and roll since she’s mixed. Umm…wrong! So I’m about to whip up some up this here goodness and make her slap it on her head when she gets out of the shower. Hope she’s has great results with it as well.

  20. Thanks for this information! I didn’t know Jojoba oils were a part of the recipe. I’ve only used the Kinky Curly, aloe juice and castor oil. Today I’m making a new batch however, and I think I’m going to use this Amla oil that I got from the Indian store. My 4c hair is super dry. I’ll see how it goes.

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  22. The objective is close the cuticle of the hair. You can use just about any of that suits you but should test the final product to make sure it is within the ph range. I mix my recipe with the Wen oil which already has several oils in it. My sister omits the castor oil because she finds it too heavy for her hair. So don’t be afraid to alter the oils to suit you since there are many oils that can work.

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